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Since 2009, we have led the effort in empowering consumers with the “financial know how” to improving their credit, getting out of debt, and owning a home.  

Our Mission

HPP CARES CDE is a cost effective program devoted to improving access to credit for low-and moderate-income and historically under-served communities of color, through qualified programs that identify and support  the engines of affordable rental housing, home-ownership, small business technical assistance, financial literacy, and economic development in order to build the framework for solid foundations aimed at sustainable communities.

Affordable Housing | Community Services | Economic Development | Financial Education


To empower and educate home buying and home owning consumers. To inspire resilient credit consumers. To serve the greater good and provide leadership in creating engaged communities through generosity and philanthropy. To make an impact in the Housing Counseling and Community Development arenas by participating in social reform and social justices initiatives.


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HPP CARES CDE Governing Board of Directors consist of 7 community and thought leaders from around the country. We are grateful for their leadership, guidance and notable experience, which allow us to be effective agents of change. 


HPP CARES CDE wears our badges proudly. It is these badges along with our over 25 years of experience in educating consumers through financial challenges rest assure you have found the right agency that not only holds the knowledge, the certifications and know how needed to assist you through your endeavors.

  • IRS Determined 501 C 3 Nonprofit

  • HUD Housing Urban Development Housing Counselling Agency

  • Adopters of National Industry Standards for Home-ownership Education & Counseling

  • NCRC National Community Reinvestment Coalition

  • Community Development Entity (CDE) Certified Program

  • A Member of the Money Smart Alliance

  • Regulatory Licensing


Majority (81%+) of individuals served are *low-to-moderate income (LMI) individuals

Primarily serve low- and moderate-income (LMI) populations (those earning 80% or less of the area median family income)

*Male 33.88 and Female 66.12


Headquarters: 3939 N LONG BEACH BLVD LONG BEACH CA 90807 View Map.Telephone: 562.424.4477 Fax: 866.248.1673 Email:

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