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In today’s world, credit affects virtually every financial decision made. Lenders, insurers, service providers, government agencies and even potential employers, may obtain your credit report to assess how you manage your financial responsibilities.

Your credit report may be the determining factor in the decision they make about you, and your credit score is a number they will use to help them decide. Learn More

Do you know what your credit score is?

Do you know how to improve your credit score?

HPP CARES CDE can show you step-by-step how to increase your credit score with its Credit Report Analysis service. For only $49, a HPP CARES CDE’ s Certified Credit Counselor will provide you your current credit score and a written analysis of the specific steps you can take to increase your score. This service is designed to complement the free credit reports that you are entitled to obtain each year from the three major credit bureaus, which do not include your credit scores.


Credit Score Factors

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And since HPP CARES CDE is a nonprofit organization and not a lender, our inquiries into your credit are considered “soft pulls”, which do not affect your credit scores as if you are searching for new credit (see table of credit score factors above).

1 Available free for debt management plan clients after 1 year on  program.