HPP Cares is an organization dedicated to helping individuals and families throughout the community reach their dream of finding safe, high quality, affordable housing. And this goal represents the heart behind our actions.

Operating as a 501 (c)(3) recognized HUD Approved Housing and Consumer Counseling Agency, HPP Cares supports the larger HUD mission of creating strong and sustainable communities focused on inclusion. We believe affordable housing is a key to a community’s success and understand its power for improving the quality of life of those living and working in the area.

Mission: Living Wise Bringing Stronger Life Skills to Those in Need

HPP Cares is focused on giving consumers the life skills they need to make their goals a reality. We believe in the power of education and how the sound use of credit and effective debt management can remove obstacles for those who are struggling to meet their housing goals today. Our hope is to facilitate the creation of affordable housing opportunities that allow consumers and potential homebuyers to be a part of successful, sustainable communities regardless of the person’s age, gender, race, sexual orientation, religious preferences, or financial background.

Our Vision for HPP Cares

Over the next five years, HPP Cares strives to be a nationally recognized HUD Approved Housing and Consumer Housing Counseling Organization, increasing our number of office locations throughout Southern and Northern California. We aim to give consumers the knowledge and tools they need to manage their credit with greater ease and implement debt management plans designed to alleviate the adversity they face on a daily basis.

Values Statement: Identify Priorities, Assess Obstacles, Plan for Action, Achieve Goals

HPP Cares is dedicated to honoring our principles to meet our long-term goal of creating better opportunities for those living in the communities we serve based on the following areas:

·         Community: Sustain and create healthy environments conducive to creating neighborhood economic stability

·         Performance Standards: Including standards for delivery, curriculum, recordkeeping and reporting

·         Competency: Maintain our strong knowledge of the home-buying process, money management, and credit

·         Educate: Provide relevant materials, in workshops or one-one settings, to give consumers the knowledge they need to achieve their goals

·         Advocate: Work for the consumer ethically and fairly by encouraging changes in policy to benefit consumers

  • Serve: To be available to consumers in need and to service without discrimination
  • Accountability: To account for our activities as individuals and an organization, accept responsibility for our actions, and to disclose the results in a transparent manner


We also stand by our internal Code of Ethics and Conduct, which all of our practitioners must commit to and abide by at all times.

About Our Founder   


Mrs. Katherine Peoples McGill, Founder and Executive Director of HPP Cares, was inspired to open a non-profit agency focused on helping others resolve their housing-related challenges based on her experience assisting her own family during a time of difficulty. She puts a focus on education and the removal of barriers that make goals of homeownership or finding affordable housing an unnecessary hardship. Her dedication to ensuring consumers understand the importance of credit and debt management serves as a foundation that drives the HPP Cares mission of providing a helping hand to those in need through education, consultation, and referrals to area resources.

HPP Cares Agency Certifications:

·         IRS Determined: 501 (c)(3)


·         Community Development Financial Institutions (CDFI) Certified Program

·         Community Development Entity (CDE) Certified Program

·         NFMC: National Foreclosure Mitigation Counseling Foreclosure Intervention & Default Prevention Counseling & Education- Certified

·         NW: NeighborWorks Pre-Purchase Home Ownership Education –Certified

·         NW: NeighborWorks Post- Purchase Home Ownership Education –Certified

·         NW: NeighborWorks Financial Capability, Housing Education and Counseling-Certified

·         NW: NeighborWorks Community and Neighborhood Revitalization-Certified

·         NW: NeighborWorks Community Economic Development -Certified

·         NW: NeighborWorks Community Engagement-Certified

·         NIS: National Industry Standards For Home Ownership Education and Counseling – Entire Staff & Board Directors Adopted

·         NCRC: National Community Reinvestment Coalition –Certified