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Financial Wellness

Many households struggle with financial wellness. Often, it seems almost impossible to limit spending and make needed payments, especially if you are on a limited income or struggling with debt. But what if there was a way to create realistic money goals based on a solid plan to spend your money slowly, wisely, and more purposefully, allowing you to stake small steps designed to help you save more, improve your credit score, and exercise more fiscal responsibility? HPP Cares Financial Wellness program helps make those dreams a reality, allowing you to improve your and your family’s situation with time and careful planning.

Credit governs part of everyone’s lives, including providing the ability to buy a home or car, get approved for a credit card, or finance purchases they can’t otherwise afford. However, it is easy to get trapped in a cycle of debt, creating a downward corkscrew that soon spirals out of control.

HPP Cares offers educational seminars and one-on-one counseling sessions designed to help clients assess their credit report, create a plan of action, and work towards achieving their goals. Each person walks away with a full assessment of the credit resume and the knowledge to understand how their actions impact their credit score.

Participating in our services requires time and perseverance. But, in the end, you will see your positive actions result in higher credit scores and will have the knowledge to make credit decisions more wisely, preserving your score over the long-term through right action.

Personal Finance, Budgeting, and Credit Management

The HPP Cares innovative approach helps educate consumers in key areas of personal finance and money management, including budget creation and the use of credit. Practical life skills help promote personal accountability and instill the responsibilities associated with financial planning, budgeting, saving, investing, credit restoration and basic banking.

Our programs help identify and prioritize personal money management goals, develop personal spending and savings plans, educate on the costs of credit, and inform on techniques for asset protection. With the help of our counseling team, the program includes a discussion on more radical steps consumers can take to exercise control over their finances and create a sustainable plan for maintaining newly modified mortgages, build stability in their financial house, and strive towards goals of personal wealth.

Identify Priorities, Assess Obstacles, Plan for Action, Achieve Goals

The Financial Capability Program includes one-on-one counseling to help individuals stabilize their finances, rebuild credit, and establish savings. Participants learn the skills necessary to reach their goals while being introduced to financial products and services designed to alleviate the strain associated with their situation. Each client’s situation is analyzed to identify priorities and points of immediate concern, as well as any barriers that may make success more challenging. Then, an action plan is created to outline follow-up activities with an accompanying timeline.

HPP CARES DIY Credit Restoration In-a-APP

Improve your score the right way!

The HPP Cares DIY Credit Restoration In-a-App helps individuals take control of their credit while giving them the tools they need to repair it themselves. Lessons include information on disputing errors on your reports as well as how your actions can help you make strides towards a better credit score today.

2nd Chance Checking

Have you ever been denied a checking or savings account due to bad credit? Have you been denied due to past problems with ChexSystems and TeleCheck no related to fraudulent activity? If so, HPP Cares can help!

A 2nd Chance Checking Account allows you to gain access to checking account services. This means you can eliminate this inconvenience from your life without having to use fee-intensive alternatives. We have partnered with multiple financial institutions to make sure the unbankable have access to the 2nd chance they need to succeed.