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Whether you have just purchased your first home, have questions regarding refinancing your current home, or aren’t sure if your property taxes or current, HPP Cares offers programs designed to help. We provide education on the intricacies of owning property, including sessions covering topics such as:

·         Understanding Equity & Considering a refinancing,

·         What is a Reverse Mortgage?

·         Home Maintenance and Energy Efficiency

·         Importance of Paying Property Taxes


HPP Cares also offers assistance to homeowners facing challenges in regards to making mortgage payments or foresee a difficulty in the future. We also help those facing foreclosure to explore their options.

Understanding the alternatives is critical to prevent the loss of the property. This topic is covered extensively in the Prevention In-a-App program designed to help homeowners facing foreclosure. HPP Cares Foreclosure Intervention Counselors are available at no cost to you, ensuring there is no risk in reaching out when you are in most need of a helping hand. Our counselors are fully trained and certified, ensuring they can provide you with the most professional and expert advice available. They will work with you to discuss alternatives like:

·         Refinancing as an opportunity to optimize your loan

·         Loan modifications designed to lower interest rates, decrease principal, and create lower fixed monthly payments

·         Short sales allowing you to sell your home for less than the current balance left on the mortgage

·         Deed in Lieu that transfers owners of the home from the homeowner to the mortgage lender to avoid formal foreclosure proceedings

·         Keep Your Home California, a free service for homeowners who have suffered financial hardship focused on helping them stay in their homes, maintain affordable mortgage payments, and avoid foreclosure

Additional programs may be explored, depending on your personal situation, including:

·         Unemployment Mortgage Assistant Program (UMA)

·         Mortgage Reinstatement Assistance Program (MRAP)

·         Principal Reduction Program (PRP)

·         Transition Assistance Program (TAP)

This homeowner program involves a hands-on process designed to help consumers understanding the risks related to homeownership as well as techniques for better money management.

For homeowners transitioning from modification to financial sustainability, HPP Cares offers the HPP Cares Rebuilding Life after Modification In-a-App, an innovative approach integrated with Foreclosure Prevention Counseling designed to educate consumers on concepts in personal finance and money management.