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The decision to buy a home is a serious one, regardless of whether you are a first time home buyer or looking to purchase a new home that better meets your current needs. Often, a family’s home is one of the largest financial investments they will make. So, if you are planning to buy a home within the next year, HPP Care’s Homebuyer Education and Counseling service can help you on your journey to homeownership.

Our certified housing counselors will explain the steps needed to prepare you for homeownership. We’ll review your current budget and credit report to help determine what you can truly afford regardless of the mortgage amount a salesperson may say you can afford.

Additionally, we provide unbiased information regarding the benefits and drawbacks of various financing options and any applicable assistance programs that may be available to you. We also help you identify predatory lending practices to help you avoid these damaging offers.

From choosing the right home to inspections and closing, HPP CARES’s counselors are here to help you learn about the home-buying process and how you can make informed financial decisions for yourself and your family. In addition, HPP CARES can help you identify down payment and closing cost programs available throughout Southern California that may be available to you, as well as assist you through the process of applying for assistance.

Homebuyer “In-a-App” Events

HPP Cares supports multiple “In-a-App” events designed to help homebuyers of all kinds reach their goals of homeownership.

Our Homebuyer In-a-App Events were created using the HUD Approved NeighborWorks® America curriculum that was designed to educate prospective homebuyers on all aspects of homeownership. This 8-hour pre-purchase homebuyer education includes topics such as:

·         Are You Ready to Buy a Home?

·         Managing Your Money

·         Understanding Credit

·         Obtaining a Mortgage Loan

·         Shopping for a Home

·         Protection Your Investment

The FHA BACK TO Work 2nd Chance Homebuyer In-a-App helps potential homebuyers who’ve experienced certain financial events in their recent past including:

·         Pre-Foreclosure Sale

·         Short Sale

·         Deed-in-Lieu

·         Foreclosure

·         Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

·         Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

·         Loan Modification

·         Forbearance Agreement

This program aims to shorten the waiting period to buy a home to as little as one year after the financial event was experienced.

Lease 2 Purchase In-a-App is a program designed to help those with credit challenges purchase a home. Lease purchase options help those with credit difficulties create a down payment from their monthly rental payments, with the ultimate goal of purchasing the property once the terms of the agreement are met.

Homebuyer Education Courses

HPP Cares also offers homebuyer education courses designed to help individuals and families meet the educational recommendations or requirements set forth by many mortgage lenders and the requirements set by most down payment or closing cost assistance programs. There is a nominal charge of $50 for the class which includes a light breakfast, lunch, and afternoon snack. You can save 50% on the cost of the class by donating 25 canned food items, gently used clothing pieces or personal care items. All donations support the HPP Community Food Center, filling baskets designed to eliminate food, clothing, and personal care insecurity in your community.