What To Do After Fire & Flood Damage 

We have helped many families put their homes together after a fire damage.  Our team of managers and technicians have worked with every insurance provider to assess damage, clean, and rebuild every type of home--including everything inside of it.  

We can help you, too.

After the fire department’s job ends, our work begins.
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Full Service Process 

  1. ALL US.  We will immediately dispatch a project manager to visit your property and assess the damage and any emergency services needed.
  2. EMERGENCY BOARD-UP.  We will tarp any damaged portions of your roof along with windows and doors.  Our team uses heavy plastic and 2x4 wood to create a waterproof barrier that will also prevent possible break-ins.
  3. MITIGATION.  We will extract any water that may be on the property after the fire department has left.
  4. PACK-OUT.  With insurance approval, we will pack out all contents of your home and move them to our cleaning facility.  Packing out contents will also give our reconstruction and cleaning teams a safe environment to work as we rebuild your home.
  5. CLEANING.  Different crews will work on different aspects of your project.  One crew will be dedicated to cleaning your home, while another will clean your contents and another your textiles.  We can clean all items typically found in a home, such as furniture, clothing, toys, and electronics.
  6. RECONSTRUCTION.  Our reconstruction team will coordinate all reconstruction services, including scheduling.  The Reconstruction Project Manager will work you to choose any replacement materials needed, such as flooring, carpet, and cabinets.
  7. PACK-BACK. Once your home is rebuilt, all of your cleaned contents will be delivered back to you.  

FYour 3-Expert Team Works With Your Insurance and on Your Home

A 3-Expert Team is a team consisting of a Project Coordinator (works with your insurance), Mitigation Manager (board up, cleaning, pack out), and Reconstruction Project Manager.  They will be assigned to you and be your main points of contact for everything regarding your project from beginning to end.  We understand stress levels are likely to be high, and we want to simplify the process and be here to help.

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Delivering Emergency Items to Temporary Housing

During the restoration process, many families are temporarily housed in an apartment or hotel.  Some also choose to live with a parent or family member.  While this is happening, it’s important to continue normal-life functions as much as possible, like going to work and school.  This is why we ask you for any important items you, your children, or pet may need, like a week’s worth of clothing or a favorite blanket.  We will work to clean those items and get them back to you immediately.

We understand the interruption and stress this may cause you, so we’ll do all we can to make sure this process goes smoothly.  Our goal is to get you back to normal as quickly as possible.

For Assistance Contact Our Staff  info@hppcares.org   714*587*0320 We can be reached 24/7.