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Living Wise: Bringing Stronger Life Skills to Those in Need

Every day, millions of people struggle to live better lives. We fight against our poor financial habits and various issues of circumstance. And we don’t always know how to make the cycle stop.

Over time, people begin to believe that their part of the American Dream is simply out of reach, feeling trapped by the patterns that are so hard to break. At HPP Cares, we understand that battle, and we are here to help you find a better way.

HPP Cares of Southern California is a 501 (c) (3) recognized HUD Approved Housing and Consumer Counseling Agency that is dedicated to helping homebuyers, renters, victims of predatory lending, and consumers facing a financial emergency. We aim to provide unbiased information and advice while giving people avenues to learn the skills they need to get from where they are to where they want to be.

The HPP Cares Way

At HPP Cares, we understand that individuals and families don’t always want to discuss their personal challenges in front of a group of people. That is why we prefer a one-on-one approach to our coaching. Our certified counselors will work with each person or family privately to perform a careful analysis or their budget, address any questions they may have, explain customized options selected based on their unique situation, and help them create a concise plan of action based on our four step process.

Identify Priorities, Assess Obstacles, Plan for Action, Achieve Goals

First, we identify any priorities that should take precedence over other goals. Then, we assess the obstacles that currently make success a challenge. Next, we create a plan that addresses those obstacles and shows that success is possible. Finally, we stand beside our clients as they move forward and achieve their goals.

We have found our method to produce more positive outcomes for the families and households with which we work. And, we want people to know that just because they have tried to make changes before and have seen their efforts falter, with the right planning and support, success is possible.