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Learn the 10 basic steps to purchasing a home!  A Mortgage Advisor will review your credit, and pre-qualify you to determine if you are mortgage ready.  The Housing Counseling Network uses the latest state of the art technology to acquire a pre-approved in a non-predatory environment with over 82 lenders to choose from. To access HPP CARES's internet-based education platform, HPP CARES/eHomeAmerica, click here.

Learn how to keep more of your money by understanding which debts to pay off first.  A Mortgage Advisor will provide an in-depth analysis of your credit report and work with you to develop a budget and eliminate high cost credit cards.  Are you curious about the CARD ACT? Schedule a counseling session today to find out more!  To access HPP CARES’s internet-based Money Management platform,HPPCARES/eHomeAmerica, click here.

Learn what to expect through the Foreclosure Process. o access HPP CARES’s internet-based Foreclosure Education platform,HPPCARES/eHomeAmerica, click here.