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As Founder & CEO of HPP CARES CDE. I am here to help you become prosperous and live in a place of PLENTY. I come from a blue-collar family and I'm no stranger to struggle #thestruggleisreal.

Growing up, I learned that there are the haves and the have notes. I saw those around me going in the same cycle of disaster again and again and I knew if they just were informed, they could avoid a lot of headaches and heartache.

This experience inspired me to dedicate my life to seeing more people become not just haves but confident, empowered money managers, homeowners and consumers, making their dreams come true.

Katherine Peoples Mcgill

Katherine Peoples Mcgill

The measure of a successful life is not based on the amount of wealth you amass. Instead, the measure of one’s success is based on the number of people you manage to pull through the door.
— Katherine

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