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 As experts in providing information on ways to live on a budget, save money, and overcome financial crisis. We are always available to work with the media. Not only to provide real world data as to the pulse of the Foreclosure Crisis, Home ownership Affordability and or the woes in which concerns I dealing with challenges with credit and debts we are here to help. There fore we welcome all forms of media communication. The media is of great help to us in educating the public on consumer credit issues.

View Our Downloadable flyers and information regarding the agency:

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General Informational Services Flyer

Flyer_How To Become Debt Free Volantes*¿Tiene planes para librarse de las deudas?

Flyer_How To Improve Your Credit Volantes*Cómo reconstruir su crédito

Flyer_How To Check Your Credit Report Volantes*Consulte su informe de crédito al menos una vez al año

Flyer_Buying A Home Volantes*¿Listo para comprar una vivienda?

Flyer_ Avoid Foreclosure Volantes*Cómo evitar la ejecución hipotecaria


We make ourselves available to the media 24 hours a day via our Press Room. If you would like our standard media kit, please call Katherine Peoples McGill, Executive Director Community Outreach and Industry Relations, at (562) 424-4477 or email

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