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Additional services are also available through HPP Cares designed to help individuals and families facing a variety of financial difficulties and gain more knowledge in the area of personal finance.

Renting Affordably

For those who currently prefer to rent their living space, HPP Cares offers a Renting Affordably In-a-App program, as well as educational workshops and one-on-one rental counseling sessions. Whether you are currently a renter or plan to become one, our counselors will show you effective budgeting and money management techniques designed to help make your rental experience a success.

We’ll teach you how to review your credit report and submit correction requests as needed. You’ll also receive information regarding the application process, accessing available subsidies, and the difference between lease and rental agreements. Additional information about applying for a tenancy, the typical expenses most renters encounter, and how to properly communicate with your landlord once you secure a rental space. You’ll also learn how to recover your security deposit when you are ready to relocate, information about rental maintenance and repairs, and the importance of understanding your rights and responsibilities as a renter.

Emergency Preparedness

A disaster can strike at any moment, including those that are natural in origin or manmade. Being prepared to manage an emergency when it occurs lessens the fear and anxiety of being faced with a disaster, as well as lowers the losses associated with these emergencies. HPP Cares offers services designed to help you be ready in case of disaster, helping you plan ahead to manage your situation should the unexpected occur.


At HPP Cares, we are always looking for Financial Institutions with which we can partner. We understand the value of financial services to our communities and how having the right options available allow us to build and maintain vibrant communities for working individuals and families in the surrounding areas of Southern California. In light of the consumers we serve, we are looking to Reintroduce them to Reinvestment strategies, such as affordable homeownership opportunities, personal & business retail banking services, coupled with community Re-engagement.

Since our inception in 2009, we have assisted with meeting the needs of all communities, with an emphasis on supporting low- and moderate- income households in our area. Our CRA Partnership In-a-App helps you meet the required CRA ratings and take part in revitalization activities to support economic development in the areas that need it most.


As a real estate and mortgage broker professional, you understand that success comes from building strong relationships and not just closing deals. Our Realtor & Broker Alliance In-a-App is designed to let us work together to create affordable homeownership opportunities allowing you to find new ways to serve your clients in a more meaningful way.

The two-hour program is designed to help you gain new insights that you can apply to your business. You’ll connect with dedicated HUD-Approved Housing Counselors whose passion and expertise can help you and your clients find success for years to come.