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Purchasing a home is most likely going to be the greatest single financial transaction you will make in your lifetime.

The ultimate symbol of success is owning a home. It's the crux of the American Dream. But what does it take to get there? Lets us show you.

Confused about buying a home in today’s real estate market?

Attend our monthly Home Buyer’s Workshop or schedule and 1 on 1 Pre purchase Counseling Session .Whether you are a first time home buyer, returning to homeownership after a short sale or foreclosure or a seasoned real estate investor, join us in this educational opportunity to better understand the current real estate market and lending environment.  Our Seminars and Counseling Sessions will be conducted by HUD APPROVED COUNSELOR.

Topics covered include: DOWN PAYMENT ASSISTANCE, Real Estate Market, Home Buying Process, Credit and Mortgage Financing and so much more.

HPP CARES CDE has certified housing counselors available to assist you in the home buying process every step of the way. Our counselors will explain the process and your available options in purchasing a home. If you want to learn all you can about the home buying process, we can help.

We provide home buying education in person and online. If you are seeking down-payment assistance or other financial help to purchase your home, most programs require you to obtain 8 hours of education and counseling from a HUD Approved Housing Agency. Attending one of our workshops or completing an approved online course and participating in a 2 hour counseling session with one of our counselors (either in person or over the telephone) will meet most program requirements. If the assistance program you seek only requires the completion of an online course, or if you are simply interested in learning more about purchasing a home, our online courses are available to complete at your convenience.


Click on the links above for more information about these educational programs, or call DHPP CARES CDE toll-free at 562.424.4477 Mon – Thu 9:00am – 5:00pm or Fri 9:00am – 5:00pm PST and ask to speak to a housing counselor.

What To Expect At Our Workshops