Contractor Giving You The Blues

Time and time again we are finding consumers and business owners like your selves being taken advantage of by contractors. 

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Electrical Panel Placement Incorrectly Placed 

As a consumer and business owner and already under a tremendous amount of stress from the damage that was done to your home or buiness that last thing you need to hear before getting back into your rebuilt home or business is the Electrical has not been spotted correctly and needs to be moved.

Our team can help you with getting the panel properly spotted and save you time and money in getting the panels re positioned and cleared by the City Inspectors.

Experienced A Fire or Flood Loss 

Time is of the essence when you experience a d Fire or Flood Loss. Our team of advisers temporary housing, process home loss damage paperwork and direct you to the proper resources for identifying a contractor - verifying there license and moving through the rebuild process. 

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Paid and No Work has Been Done 

Finding the right contractor to do the job is a very difficult and time consuming process. You must take the time to do the research and take your time to identify the right contractor for your job. 

Our advisers can work with you to help you identify the right contractor to complete the job.

We will show you what  questions to ask, how to verify there license for violations  and how to ensure your contractors bid is not filled with fluffy fees.  

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