HPP Cares CDE, a nonprofit HUD approved consumer credit, debt and housing counseling agency, understands the challenges the average person faces when it comes to overextended with debt.We are committed to educating consumers on financial matters. Our certified credit counselors provide personal assistance through budget counseling, housing counseling and debt management plans to lower credit card interest rates and monthly payments. It is unfortunate that in 2019 key skills regarding the management of household finances are lacking from traditional education. This leads many to learn these lessons the hard way, putting them in difficult positions from which it can be hard to recover. Our agency implements the latest technology to ensure consumers have access to the resources and knowledge they need to make sound decisions and better their financial situations.

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Improve Your Credit

Credit Score Analysis Get a written report that shows you specific actions you can take to increase your credit scores.
Free Annual Credit Reports Watch our video to learn what information your credit reports contain and follow the steps provided to obtain your free annual credit reports from the three major credit bureaus.



Get Out Of Debt

Our DMP program can provide you a repayment plan that you can afford for your credit cards, medical debts, collection accounts and other unsecured debts. It is designed to eliminate or reduce high interest rates, consolidate your debt payments, eliminate over-limit charges and late fees, stop collection calls and payoff your accounts within 5 years or less. Payday Loan Assistance HPP CARES CDE can get you an affordable repayment plan for your payday loans; PLUS, if you are a Florida resident, a 60 day deferment. Student Loan Assistance HPP CARES CDE counselors will determine your available options and help you get a forbearance, consolidation or an affordable repayment plan for your federal student loans.



Own A Home

Mortgage Programs All your home buying needs in one place. HPP CARES CDE provides individual mortgage readiness counseling, credit report review, assistance in preparing and submitting your loan application, and access to a loan shopping tool. We help during the home search, making an offer and closing process. We have access to affordable and flexible home loans, and special government financing resources that boost buying power and offer affordable payments. Foreclosure Prevention and Loan Modifications As a HUD Approved Housing Counseling Agency, HPP CARES CDEwill help you identify the best solution to avoid foreclosure while meeting your personal goals; PLUS, if you are a homeowner, we will prepare your loan modification documents for free. Home Buying Education Learn about the ins and outs of buying a home and obtain the education required for many financial assistance programs.




You can learn everything from creating a balanced budget, understanding and improving your credit, purchasing a home or developing a plan for a successful financial future. You can read from an extensive library of financial articles, watch educational videos, take an educational course online, sign up for our newsletter or use our educational tools and trusted resources to improve your financial health. We also provide educational seminars for the state of California. HPP CARES CDE is committed to equip you with the most complete education regarding all areas of your personal finances.  To learn more about what HPP CARES CDE offers and how you and your community will benefit, click HERE.

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Student Loan Counseling HPP CARES CDE counselors will help you identify the options available for the repayment of your federal student loans. Bankruptcy Counseling and Education HPP CARES CDE can provide you the counseling and educational certificates required to file bankruptcy and have your debts discharged. Budget Counseling Speak to a certified credit counselor for a free budget analysis, including recommendations to reduce your spending and repay your debts. Whether your a 1st time homebuyer, returning to homeownership after short sale or foreclosure. Appointments


Improve Credit Get Out Of Debt Own A Home



Ready To Take The Next Step?

Low Credit Score? Too Much Debt? Keeping You Stuck? Contact us for a credit and debt counseling session to determine if you qualify for a debt management plan.