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We would like to express our gratitude to all the individuals who applied for the Calhfa Adu Grant and have successfully secured reservations. Due to the overwhelming response, we have reached our application allotment and are currently not accepting any more submissions. We have already sent out email notifications to the recipients of the reservations. For those who have not received a reservation, we will begin sending out notifications starting today, on December 13, 2023. We are eagerly looking forward to the opportunities for future funding that may arise from Calhfa in 2024. In the spirit of the holiday season, we wish all of you a joyful and festive time.

Important message pertaining to first republic bank relationship termination

In response to recent events in the banking sector and resulting uncertainty with First Republic Bank, La Mesa Fund Control & Escrow began a new banking relationship with Axos Bank last week.

Our first and foremost commitment is to our clients and the safety and security of their funds held in Trust. We know Axos Bank is an excellent choice for level of the safety, security, and service we require for our business and, most importantly, for our clients.

adminstrating 66.8 million grant funds, 1600+ adu project managing 417 million grant funds, completed 200+ adus

calhfa dream for all home buyer program

saturday march 16 two sessions 99$ per household

9am to 12pm 1pm to 3pm

march 23 2024 one session 99$ per household

10am to 3pm

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*2022 CALHFA ADU grant awardee. CALHFA will send out 1099 january 21, 2023 via us mail.

Please note, if you canceled after December 15 2022 you may still receive a 1099g. If you receive a 1099g after canceling, simply call our office and we will notify the State to provide a revised 1099g

Interested in working with HPP Cares CALHFA ADU grant program?

The IRS requires CALHFA to issue the 1099-G in the year that CALHFA issued the award.

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AO July 2023 CALHFA ADU grant

The additional 50 million that was awarded is not specifically for the ADU grant program. We are waiting for the legislature to give us some additional guidance on how they want the funds used. We should have their additional input sometime this fall.

per calhfa portal submission paused - we will update once we have additional details
receive notification once resume accepting applications

Due to the limited number of grant applications, if you are unsuccessful in receiving a grant, sign the petition requesting state legislation to increase the funding for ADU predevelopment grants.

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per calhfa portal submission paused - we will update once we have additional details
Receive a notification once we resume accepting applications

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Important Updates

CALHFA adu grant 2024

We are eagerly anticipating the announcement of the 2024 CALHFA ADU Grant. At this time, we have temporarily paused accepting applications to ensure that we do not accept participants who may not qualify, thus avoiding the need to advise them otherwise. We appreciate your patience as we await the announcement, as we do not have an exact timeframe for when it will occur.

In the meantime, we encourage you to check in with your local building and safety and/or planning and zoning office where your project may be located to ensure that you stay informed about their programs. To ensure that you receive news promptly once it becomes available, please sign up for both HPP CARES and CALHFA email notifications.

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***While you await further updates, familiarize yourself with the crucial details from the previous round of funding that you need to prepare for or be informed about.

2023 1099’s

The 2023 1099 forms have been sent out. If you are still missing yours, please contact your account manager, Brittany, or Nancy. ([email protected] or [email protected])

sign on | petition new round of funding

In the event that you are unsuccessful in securing a grant due to the limited number of applications, please consider signing the petition urging state legislation to augment funding for ADU predevelopment grants.

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CALHFA ADU 40k grant

We are eagerly anticipating the announcement of the 2024 CALHFA ADU Grant. At this time, we have temporarily paused accepting applications to ensure that we do not accept participants who may not qualify, thus avoiding the need to advise them otherwise. We appreciate your patience as we await the announcement, as we do not have an exact timeframe for when it will occur.

Program Details

homeowner help with pace loans

The California Mortgage Relief Program, administered by the state’s CalHFA Homeowner Relief Corporation is running a referral program that will pay down or pay off PACE loans for eligible homeowners who have requested assistance regarding their PACE loan from a legal aid, consumer advocacy group, housing assistance or government agency.

Step-by-step guidance

No matter what your needs are, access to quality, unbiased information is your right. Follow along as we provide essential information and resources to guide you at every stage of your journey.


ADU Grant

CALHFA ADU Grant provides up to $40,000 to reimburse pre-development and non-reoccurring closing costs associated with the construction of the ADU. Predevelopment costs include site prep, architectural designs, permits, soil tests, impact fees, property survey, and energy reports.

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Housing is Key

This program helps homeowners and renters facing financial hardships as a result of COVID-19. This relief is only available to cities and counties within the State of California.

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Forgivable Equity Builder Loan

Home equity has proven to be one of the strongest ways for families to build and pass on intergenerational wealth and CalHFA is committed to improving equitable access to homeownership for all Californians. The Forgivable Equity Builder Loan gives first-time homebuyers a head start on this with immediate equity in their homes via a loan of up to 10% of the purchase price of the home. The loan is forgivable if the borrower continuously occupies the home as their primary residence for five years.

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California Mortgage Relief

The California Mortgage Relief Program uses federal Homeowner Assistance Funds to help homeowners get caught up on their housing payments. The program is absolutely free and the funds do not need to be repaid. The California Mortgage Relief Program is part of the state’s Housing is Key initiative.

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  • 650Cellphone and laptops lessening digital divide

Our Mission

HPP CARES CDE is a California-based program devoted to meeting people where they are and moving them forward. By improving access to credit for low-and moderate-income and historically underserved Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC) households; through qualified programs that identify and support the engines of affordable housing, homeownership, small business technical assistance, financial literacy, and economic development ultimately establishing the framework needed for sustaining communities, neighborhoods, and households.

HPP CARES is designed to provide capital, leverage private capital, and provide other forms of financial assistance for the rapid deployment of low- and zero-emission products, technologies, and services; and does not take deposits other than deposits from repayments and other revenue received from financial assistance using grant funds.

HPP CARES is funded by public or charitable contributions; and invests in or finances projects alone or in conjunction with other investors.

Learn about HPP Cares CDE

HPP CARES is funded by public or charitable contributions; and invests in or finances projects alone or in conjunction with other investors.

Affordable housing Community services Economic development Financial education

Our vision

BIPOC communities have been left behind by harmful financial practices and decreasing reinvestment for decades. These same communities have also been unfairly excluded from establishing generational wealth due to ongoing systemic institutional racism directly tied to entrenched disparities in our laws and public policies, fueling adverse effects of poverty and inequities.

HPP CARES vision through innovation is to expose, exacerbate and dismantle programs and policies that perpetuate systemic barriers to opportunities that benefits BIPOC. Through innovation, at the same time bridging the technological divide with in BIPOC communities HPP CARES CDE over the course of the next 5 years will cultivate cohorts, empower communities, neighborhoods, and households of their Rights through multilingual educational webinars, in person seminars and 1 on 1 counseling session coupled with products and services that benefit the most vulnerable all while monitoring progress being made. Challenging corporate commitments on all fronts to ensure equality is achieved.


HPP CARES CDE wears our badges proudly. It is these badges along with our over 25 years of experience in educating consumers through financial challenges rest assure you have found the right agency that not only holds the knowledge, the certifications and know how needed to assist you through your endeavors.

CRC National Industry Standards Equal Housing Opportunity Rotary International Project Reach Realtor US Department of Housing and Urban Development Making Home Affordable National Housing Resource Center Neighbor Works National Community Reinvestment Coalition Internal Revenue Services CalHFA National Association of Certified Credit Counselors Money Smart Financial Counseling Association of America Los Angeles Housing Department Community Reinvestment Act

Connect with us

We are continuously eager to engage with members of our community. Whether you're considering organizing a virtual Financial Literacy webinar for your company, contributing to support our mission, or seeking guidance on enhancing your credit and managing household finances, we're here to assist you every step of the way. Please don't hesitate to reach out - we look forward to connecting with you and meeting you at any point along your journey.

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As a social enterprise, HPP CARES CDE has achieved significant and wide-ranging accomplishments in recent years. Working under the National Coalition for Equities' (NCFE) umbrella, our focus has been on advocating for a strong community voice among federal and state regulators and major private sector corporations. We've dedicated ourselves to addressing public policy issues, particularly those related to wealth and income inequality impacting affordable homeownership and small business growth.

Through collaborative efforts with NCFE, HPP CARES CDE has expanded outreach initiatives, leading to increased corporate social responsibility and consumer protection awareness. Our endeavors have enabled us to engage with a broader audience, forge partnerships with numerous companies, and engage with regulators, all with the goal of supporting deserving individuals in achieving sustainable homeownership, fostering successful small businesses, protecting consumers, and empowering California communities.

At HPP CARES CDE, we are committed to championing opportunities for people of color to become integral partners in our mission to reduce income and wealth inequality, thereby contributing to the creation of stronger futures for all minority groups.