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Welcome to our new improved invoice process. Please be advised we have discontinued the use of the [email protected] email box. Any questions you may have can be addressed via the assigned account manager. Not sure who your account manager is (be sure to use the email that was used when grant was submitted). Still confused? Call 562.281.8861 and select customer service.

In order to have your invoices processed in a timely manner please follow the steps below:

Attend A Quick Training to better understand the process of completing the invoice process successfully attend of the many sessions we offer. HPP Cares Calendar

Invoice link use this link to process your request for payment. Not sure how to complete? Attend a training

AO 2/23/2023 La Mesa will allow wire transfers as a form of payment for the following parties: Property Owners, General Contractors, and substantial material suppliers. At this time, Checks will continue to be issued as our standard payment method.

Determine What You Are Paying See The Checklist – Please review what we need for the submission of your invoice request

Looking To Pay Vendors (Contractor, Architect etc…)

*note this will be required of each vendor who seeks payment.

  1. Invoice – Must Include the Homeowner Name and The Homeowner Address – See how to Complete Form
  2. W9 – See How to Complete Form
  3. Release Of Lien for Invoice Amount
  4. Outgoing Payment Form

Looking To Receive Reimbursement Through Principal Reduction

  1. Invoices that have been paid for predevelopment
    • Include proof of payment for each invoice paid Canceled Check, Credit Card Payment, Bank statement
  2. W9 – See How to Complete Form
  3. Outgoing Payment Form
  4. Mortgage statement for the loan for which we will issue the payment to


FC Wire Instructions (contact you account manager for the password- there will be a verification done prior to sending the password out)

Submit Request


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Through collaborative efforts with NCFE, HPP CARES CDE has expanded outreach initiatives, leading to increased corporate social responsibility and consumer protection awareness. Our endeavors have enabled us to engage with a broader audience, forge partnerships with numerous companies, and engage with regulators, all with the goal of supporting deserving individuals in achieving sustainable homeownership, fostering successful small businesses, protecting consumers, and empowering California communities.

At HPP CARES CDE, we are committed to championing opportunities for people of color to become integral partners in our mission to reduce income and wealth inequality, thereby contributing to the creation of stronger futures for all minority groups.